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Appetite for Discussion: A Call for Panels at SC

From technical breakthroughs to cutting-edge research, SC23 will bring together some of the brightest minds in high-performance computing (HPC) to share their ideas and insights.

We are currently accepting panel submissions until April 28, 2023.

Engage the HPC Community

As a panelist at SC23, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and insights with some of the foremost experts in the industry. You can network with other attendees, learn about the latest advances in HPC, and make a name for yourself as a thought leader in the field. This is a chance to engage the field while we’re all under one roof, so bring your hot takes, best practices, recipes for success, common pitfalls, and of course, an appetite for discussion.

Various panels, encompassing both technical and non-technical subjects, are highly recommended. This presents a chance for individuals of all backgrounds, including experts, HPC veterans, or novices, to partake in discussions relevant to the field. The most captivating panels combine compelling and diverse opinions – so don’t hesitate to step forward and express your thoughts.

Topics can remain in a particular subdomain, or apply to HPC more broadly. Panels at SC22 did both, including “Computing at the Edge: A Discussion about Supporting Recent US Space Missions” and “Relaxing Correctness via Approximate Computing: Is It Feasible in HPC?”. Panels can be forward-looking, asking open-ended questions that propose completely novel or revolutionary approaches with technologies yet to come. They can also be reflective, addressing the most prominent challenges and pains that many in the room had no doubt experienced.

Technical topics aren’t the only ones that gather an active crowd. Popular panels from years passed span a range of topics, such as “Strategies for Working Remotely: Sustainable Hybrid Approaches for HPC” from SC21, and “Empowering STEM Women with Skills for Success: How to Offset the Paradoxical Skills Asymmetry at a Workplace” from SC22.

SC23 Panels present an opportunity to try out new ideas, share experiences, and get feedback from the prominent figures in industry, academia, national laboratories, and everywhere in between. These interactive sessions foster a collaborative environment, enabling participants to learn, grow, and further refine their ideas while expanding their professional networks. Such a broad range of topics affords us all the opportunity to reflect on all of our experiences, both technical and non-technical, as we push the field forward into new frontiers. We invite you to join the discussion by submitting a panel proposal with up to five panelists, and we look forward to the lively debate that will ensue.

Propose a Panel

Learn more about the criteria for Panels at SC. Submissions close April 28, 2023.

If you have questions about Panel submissions, please contact the program committee.

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