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Birds of a Feather

Meeting HPC Community Needs: How SIGHPC, TCPP, and SIAG-SC Join Efforts to Engage Communities and Deliver Services

Authors: Christine Harvey (MITRE), Hatem Ltaief (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)), Lois Curfman McInnes (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)), Michela Taufer (University of Tennessee, Global Computing Laboratory)

Abstract: Come and learn from the leaders of the professional societies focused on HPC from ACM, IEEE, and SIAM! Your SIGHPC, TCPP, and SIAG-SC representatives invite SC23 participants to join this cross-society BoF to learn about joint societies' efforts to promote collaborations, discuss the status of HPC as a community, and engage the audience to address common challenges.

Long Description: This cross-society BOF brings together SIGHPC, TCPP, and SIAG-SC representatives at SC23 and provides a round table for discussion for the members and non-members of these interest groups. The BoF will present joint efforts for collaborations across societies, discussions on the status of HPC as a community, and engagement opportunities for the audience to address common needs.

The BoF wants to be a platform for defining a joint HPC roadmap for SIGHPC, TCPP, and SIAG-SC. The HPC community is called to address many urgent challenges. Key questions include: How should HPC further support the trend of AI workloads becoming ubiquitous? How can professional societies help prepare the needed workforce to aspire to new heights in scientific discovery powered by AI? Can HPC guide AI in continuing to expand with ethics, diversity, and inclusivity brought to the forefront? At the waist of an hourglass that bridges hardware and scientific applications, HPC is at the confluence of many other technological trends. Should professional societies together chart HPC evolution and strive to influence governmental and private sectors for education, training, and funding opportunities?

Current and future activities of SIGHPC, TCPP, and SIAG-SC are uniquely positioned to promote synergetic solutions to these urgent challenges. We will invite the attendees to present ideas and propose action items to foster the next generation of HPC experts, support diversity and inclusivity in our community, handle reproducibility across societies, maintain an online repository listing all conferences/journals around HPC, co-host webinars and training activities, create a unique template for research papers, and more.

This BoF was successfully presented for the first time at ISC23 with a participation of more than 40 attendees.


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