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Scaling HPC Applications through Predictable and Reliable Data Reduction Methods

Author: Sian Jin (Indiana University, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))

Advisor: Dingwen Tao (Indiana University)

Abstract: For scientists and engineers, large-scale computer systems are one of the most powerful tools to solve complex high-performance computing (HPC) and Deep Learning (DL) problems. With the ever-increasing computing power such as the new generation of exascale (one exaflop or a billion billion calculations per second) supercomputers, the gap between computing power and limited storage capacity and I/O bandwidth has become a major challenge for scientists and engineers. Large-scale scientific simulations on parallel computers can generate extremely large amounts of data that are highly compute and storage intensive. This study will introduce data reduction techniques as a promising solution to significantly reduce the data sizes while maintaining high data fidelity for post-analyses in HPC applications. This study can be categorized into mainly four scenarios: (1) A ratio-quality model that makes lossy compression predictable; (2) advanced parallel write solution with async-I/O; (3) in-situ data reduction for scientific applications; and (4) in-situ data reduction for large-scale machine learning.

Thesis Canvas: pdf

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