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Carbon-Neutrality, Sustainability, and HPC

Moderator: Daniel Reed (University of Utah)

Panelists: Andrew Chien (University of Chicago), Robert Bunger (Schneider Electric), Genna Waldvogel (Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)), Nicolas Dubé (Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)), Esa Heiskanen (Finnish IT Center for Science)

Abstract: What does it mean for computer systems to be sustainable? We have made significant improvements to operational efficiency in HPC systems. We now need to consider a broader scope of environmental impacts across the life cycle of our systems. This includes how they are designed and manufactured, how they are transported, how they are operated and how we are tearing them down, re-using and recycling them after they are no longer useful. These considerations may not be obvious. For example, manufacturing costs dominate the life cycle carbon footprint of systems and that trend is on the rise. How can we start to consider the carbon footprint across the end to end life cycle of our systems? We have a lot of capabilities to understand the performance, power and energy of our systems, but the same cannot be said for carbon footprint. Should carbon footprint be a first order optimization target?

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