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Quantum Computing and HPC: Opportunities and Challenges for New Companies in the Field of HPC

Moderator: Martin Schulz (Technical University Munich, Computer Architecture and Parallel Systems; Leibniz Supercomputing Centre)

Panelists: Santosh Kumar Radha (Agnostiq), Jan Goetz (IQM), Andrew Ochoa (Strangeworks), Tommaso Macrì (QuEra), Michael Marthaler (HQS Quantum Simulations)

Abstract: Quantum Computing is quickly maturing and has started to enter the area of High-Performance Computing. As a consequence, we are seeing more and more work on quantum computing in the SC program and also more and more exhibitors focusing on this new technology and its relationship to HPC. This, however, comes with many challenges, especially for new companies in this field, as they have to bridge the gap between physics and computer science, both from a technology and a community point of view. In this panel, we will discuss this topic with five quantum computing companies covering hardware, software and workflow aspects, their take on the impact of HPC on them as well their impact on HPC, special challenges, and the future prospects of quantum computing as a new accelerator technology for HPC.

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