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sys-sage: A Fresh View on Dynamic Topologies and Attributes of HPC Systems

Authors: Stepan Vanecek and Martin Schulz (Technical University Munich)

Abstract: HPC systems are getting ever more powerful, but this comes at the price of increasing system complexity. In order to use HPC systems efficiently, one has to be aware of their architectural details, in particular details of their hardware topology, which is increasingly affected by dynamic runtime settings.

sys-sage is a novel approach providing an infrastructure for storage, correlation, and provision of HW-related system information. It uses information from various well-known sources as well as use-case-specific solutions, and correlates the particular pieces together to provide a full view of a system. The novelty of our approach lies in the ability to capture dynamic environments as well as systems’ complexities, and in enabling greater flexibility in its usage.

sys-sage is publicly available and can be used by many applications. It integrates widely used approaches, such as hwloc or dynamic counter information, and offers user-integration of all other user-specific data sources.

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