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A Portable Software Environment for Ultrahigh-Resolution ELM Development on GPUs

Authors: Franklin Eaglebarger (Pellissippi State Community College) and Dali Wang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Abstract: A software tool, called SPEL, has been developed to port and optimize and the ultrahigh-resolution ELM (uELM) code onto GPUs within a functional unit test framework. To promote the widespread adoption of this approach for community-based uELM development, this poster presents a portable software environment that enables efficient development of the uELM code on GPUs. The standalone software environment, which utilizes Docker, contains all the necessary code, libraries, and system software required for uELM development using SPEL. The process involved in this study includes identifying a Docker image that supports GPU, configuring and simulating ELM at the site level, capturing reference solutions, testing uELM functional units, and generating and optimizing code that is compatible with GPUs. The effectiveness of this methodology is demonstrated through a case study.

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