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Simulating Larger Quantum Circuits with Circuit Cutting and Quantum Serverless

Authors: Caleb Johnson, Bryce Fuller, Jim Garrison, and Jennifer Glick (IBM Research)

Abstract: Quantum computation is an emerging technology that promises to be able to solve certain tasks that are out of reach of classical machines alone. However, the limited number and quality of qubits poses a challenge for practical usage of near-term quantum computation. Circuit cutting is a technique to decrease the size of circuits at the cost of an additional sampling overhead. This can enable executing problems larger in size and with higher-quality outcomes than what available quantum hardware would otherwise support.

Here, we use the Circuit Knitting Toolbox (CKT) to demonstrate two applications of circuit cutting. To scale these workloads up to hundreds of qubits, we use Quantum Serverless – a new framework for distributing computationally expensive workloads in the cloud.

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