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Delivering Digital Skills Across the Digital Divide: Creating an Accessible On-Demand Self-Paced HPC Virtual Training Lab

Authors: Bryan Johnston, Lara Timm, and Mabatho Hashatsi (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa; ACE Lab, Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa)

Abstract: The training of new and existing HPC practitioners is recognized as a priority in the HPC community. Traditionally, delivering HPC System Administrator training has been through physical face-to-face workshops, using cloud-based services or remote hardware to provide compute resources to emulate an HPC system. There are several challenges associated with this approach, including class size limits, available compute resources, and disrupting work hours to attend training. By following lessons learned from MOOC methodology on developing HPC Training we have produced a reproducible, accessible, self-paced HPC virtual training lab that emulates a basic 3-node compute cluster on a trainee’s local machine without the need for any high-end computing resources or cloud infrastructure.

Our poster will provide an overview of the project, inter alia the delivery platforms, components and features of the lab, lessons learned and future improvements, as well as future plans for extended HPC training modules following this delivery format.

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