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Minimizing Data Movement Using Distant Futures

Authors: Barry Sly-Delgado and Douglas Thain (University of Notre Dame)

Abstract: Scientific workflows execute a series of tasks where each task may consume data as an input and produce data as an output. Within these workflows, tasks often produce intermediate results that may serve as inputs to subsequent tasks within the workflow. These results can vary in size and may need to be transported to another worker node. Data movement can become the primary bottleneck for many scientific workflows thus minimizing the cost of data movement can provide a significant performance benefit for a given workflow. Distant futures enable transfers between worker nodes, eliminating the need for intermediate results to pass through a centralized manager for future tasks invocations. Additionally, asynchronous transfers enable increased concurrency by preventing the blocking of task invocations. This poster shows the performance benefit received from the implementation of distant futures within a workflow that produces numerous intermediate results.

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