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The Many Facets of a Dynamic Graph Processing System

Authors: Juntong Luo, Scott Sallinen, and Matei Ripeanu (University of British Columbia)

Abstract: Graphs are used to model real-world systems that often evolve over time. We have developed a streaming graph framework which, while ingesting an unbounded stream of events mirroring a graph's evolution, dynamically updates the solution to a user query, and is able to offer, on-demand and with low latency, the solution to the query. Integral to our framework is that graph topology changes and algorithmic messages are processed concurrently, asynchronously, and autonomously (i.e., without shared state). This poster uses graph coloring as a challenge problem to highlight two advantages of our framework beyond those showcased by past work (i.e., low result latency, high sustained ingestion throughput, and scalability). These additional advantages are: (i) the ability to efficiently leverage the "free" computational resources available when the rate of incoming topology events is below the maximum sustainable throughput, and (ii) the ability to produce "stable" solutions to queries as the graph evolves.

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