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Unstructured Finite Element Models of Cardiac Electrophysiology Using a Deal.II-Based Library

Authors: Laryssa Abdala (University of North Carolina), Simone Rossi (Align Technology), and David Wells and Boyce Griffith (University of North Carolina)

Abstract: Cardiovascular electrophysiology simulations often involve computationally expensive tasks due to the inherent multiphysics complexity of the problems. Additionally, the use of complex patient-specific geometries and biophysically-detailed ionic models adds to the system's complexity. To numerically solve such problems within reasonable timeframes, high-performance computing plays a crucial role. In this poster, we present a high-performance electrophysiology library specifically designed to address these demanding simulations. The library's routines support the use of linear, and quadratic tetrahedral elements. Moreover, our library offers a two-way coupling capability that enables interactions among multi-dimensional meshes. This important feature facilitates the simulation of electrical interactions between insulated regions of the heart, such as the atria and the ventricles. By enabling such coupling, the library aims to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the heart's electrophysiology and its intricate electrical behavior.

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