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An Early Case Study with Multi-Tenancy Support in SPDK’s NVMe-over-Fabric Designs

Authors: Darren Ng, Charles Parkinson, Andrew Lin, Arjun Kashyap, and Xiaoyi Lu (University of California, Merced)

Abstract: Resource disaggregation is prevalent in datacenters since it provides high resource utilization when compared to servers dedicated to either compute, memory, or storage. NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) is the standardized protocol used for accessing disaggregated storage over the network. Currently, the NVMe-oF specification lacks any semantics to prioritize I/O requests based on different application needs. Since applications have varying goals — latency-sensitive or throughput-critical I/O — we need to design efficient schemes in order to allow applications to specify the type of performance they wish to achieve. Furthermore, with additional tenants, we need to provide the respective specified performance optimizations that each application requests, regardless of congestion. This is a challenging problem, as the current NVMe specification lacks semantics to support multi-tenancy. Our research poster brings awareness to the ways in which we can bring multi-tenancy support to the NVMe-oF specification.

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