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Quantum Task Offloading with the OpenMP API

Authors: Joseph K. L. Lee (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)), Martin Ruefenacht (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre), Johannes Doerfert (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Oliver Thomson Brown and Mark Bull (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)), Michael Klemm (AMD Research), and Martin Schulz (Technical University Munich)

Abstract: Most of the widely used quantum programming languages and libraries are not designed for the tightly coupled nature of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms, which run on quantum resources that are integrated on-premise with classical HPC infrastructure. We propose a programming model using the API provided by OpenMP to target quantum devices, which provides an easy-to-use and efficient interface for HPC applications to utilize quantum compute resources. We have implemented a variational quantum eigensolver using the programming model, which has been tested using a classical simulator. We are in the process of testing on the quantum resources hosted at LRZ.

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