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Ares – Simulating Type Ia Supernovae on Heterogeneous HPC Architectures

Authors: Landon Dyken (University of Illinois, Chicago); Alexander Holas (Heidelberg Institute of Theoretical Studies); Mark Ivan Ugalino (University of Maryland); and Md Nageeb Bin Zaman (Louisiana State University)

Abstract: Type Ia Supernovae are highly luminous thermonuclear explosions of white dwarfs which serve as standardizable distance markers for investigating the accelerating expansion of our Universe. Most existing supernovae simulation codes are only designed to run on homogeneous CPU-only systems and do not take advantage of the increasing shift towards heterogeneous architectures in HPC. To address this, we present Ares, the first performance portable massively-parallel code for simulating thermonuclear burn fronts. By creating multi-physics modules using the Kokkos and Parthenon frameworks, we are able to scale supernovae simulations to distributed HPC clusters operating on any of CUDA, HIP, SYCL, HPX, OpenMP and serial backends. We evaluate our application by conducting weak and strong scaling studies on both CPU and GPU clusters, showing the efficiency of our method for a diverse set of targets.

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