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Simulating Quantum Systems with NWQ-Sim on HPC

Authors: In-Saeng Suh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)) and Ang Li (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL))

Abstract: NWQ-Sim is a cutting-edge quantum system simulation environment designed to run on classical multi-node, multi-CPU/GPU heterogeneous HPC systems. In this work, we provide a brief overview of NWQ-Sim and its implementation in simulating quantum circuit applications, such as the transverse field Ising model. We also demonstrate how NWQ-Sim can be used to examine the effects of errors that occur on real quantum devices, using a combined device noise model. Moreover, NWQ-Sim is particularly well-suited for implementing variational quantum algorithms where circuits are dynamically generated. Therefore, we also illustrate this with the variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) for the Ising model. In both cases, NWQ-Sim's performance is comparable to or better than alternative simulators. We conclude that NWQ-Sim is a useful and flexible tool for simulating quantum circuits and algorithms, with performance advantages and noise-aware simulation capabilities.

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