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QASM-to-HLS: A Framework for Accelerating Quantum Circuit Emulation on High-Performance Reconfigurable Computers

Authors: Anshul Maurya and Naveed Mahmud (Florida Institute of Technology)

Abstract: High-performance reconfigurable computers (HPRCs) make use of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for efficient emulation of quantum algorithms. Generally, algorithm-specific architectures are implemented on the FPGAs, and there is very little flexibility. Moreover, mapping a quantum algorithm onto its equivalent FPGA emulation architecture is challenging. In this work, we present an automation framework for converting quantum algorithms/circuits to their equivalent FPGA emulation architectures. The framework processes quantum circuits represented in Quantum Assembly Language (QASM) and derives high-level descriptions of the hardware emulation architectures for High-Level Synthesis (HLS) on HPRCs. Experimental results show that the framework-generated architectures deployed on an HPRC perform faster than a state-of-the-art software simulator.

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