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Performance-Portable GPU Acceleration of the EFIT Tokamak Plasma Equilibrium Reconstruction Code

Workshop: Tenth Workshop on Accelerator Programming and Directives (WACCPD 2023)

Authors: Oscar Antepara and Samuel Williams (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)); Scott Kruger (Tech-X Corporation); and Torrin Bechtel, Joseph McClenaghan, and Lang Lao (General Atomics)

Abstract: We present the steps followed to GPU-offload parts of the core solver of EFIT-AI, an equilibrium reconstruction code suitable for tokamak experiments and burning plasmas. For this work, we will focus on the fitting procedure that consists of a Grad–Shafranov (GS) equation inverse solver that calculates equilibrium reconstructions on a grid. We will show profiling results of the original code(CPU-baseline), as well as the directives used to GPU-offload the most time-consuming function, initially to compare OpenACC and OpenMP on NVIDIA and AMD GPUs and later on to assess OpenMP performance portability on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel GPUs. We will make a performance comparison for different grid sizes and show the speedup achieved on NVIDIA A100 (Perlmutter-NERSC), AMD MI250X (Frontier-OLCF) and Intel PVC GPUs (Sunspot-ALCF). Finally, we will draw some conclusions and recommendations to achieve high-performance portability for an equilibrium reconstruction code on the new HPC architectures.

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