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Job Fair

SC is inviting attendees of all skill levels to participate in the Job Fair. Job seekers are encouraged to complete an application and upload a résumé/CV which will be shared with participating employers. Attendees may stop by at any time on Wednesday, November 15, 10 am–3 pm to speak with employers.

open to all sc attendees

Job Fair Schedule
Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Job Fair Chair
Laura Theademan, Purdue University

Find your new employer or recruit top talent from the HPC community!

“At the SC Job Fair, you have the opportunity to connect with representatives from top employers in the HPC community. The variety of institutions present is impressive ranging from industry leaders to top academic institutions. You will not only meet HR representatives, but get in touch with your potential future colleagues as well to talk nuts and bolts about your future dream job.”

— Sabine Osorio, Head of HR, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

Job Postings

Employers will be posting positions through January 2024. Postings are searchable, and include a job description, requirements, and information about each company.

Participating Organizations

Contact the representative from each organization listed.

Melissa Velazquez

Taryn Lazroff

Bill Singh

Sean Friedman

David Miketinac

Douglas Fuller

Sam Keller

Mirko Rahn

Clarence Johnson

Latrell Tyson

Laura Pettit

Sara Nelson

Sabrina Schulte

Allison Slattery

Eric Nielsen

Mary Pronk

Amanda Rawls

Nancy Wong

NVIDIA Opportunities

Emily Scherbring

Lesley Gorrell

Tim Babcock

Laura Theademan

Jayasree Jaganatha

Naoko Yamaguchi

Fiona Kong

Michael Brewer

Michael Hartman

John Leidel

Nicolette Lea

Sam Belazka

Kimberly Grasch

Karsten Siller

Rebekah Craig

Submit Your Résumé

MAR 27, 2023

Applications Open

FEB 9, 2024

Applications Close


Example Résumés for Various Fields

Résumé Tips for Success

Students & Post-docs

Fill out this form and upload your résumé. View a sample form before creating an account.

Experienced Professionals

Fill out this form and upload your résumé. View a sample form before creating an account.


If you have questions about the Job Fair, please reach out to the program committee.

find your Next hire

Recruit at the Job Fair. Participating organizations can connect with top talent in many fields related to high performance computing.

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