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IEEE-CS/Students@SC Speed Mentoring Event

Co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and Students@SC, this exciting event is designed specifically for students who are interested in pursuing a career in high performance computing. Its main goal is to connect students with mentors from academia, industry, and national labs, who will provide them with valuable insights and advice on career paths in the respective fields.

Career insights & Advice

Speed Mentoring Event Schedule
Wednesday, Nov 15, 12–1:30 pm, Room 705-707-709

Who’s Invited

The event is completely free for student attendees. Additionally, the event offers an excellent networking opportunity for attendees, who will have the chance to meet and connect with other students who share their interests.

How It Works

During this 90-minute event, students participate in a series of mentorship activities where they have the opportunity to learn from a variety of different mentors. The sessions are highly interactive, and students will be encouraged to ask questions and engage with the mentors. Timed discussions rotate every 10-15 minutes, and lunch will be provided.

By the end of the event, students will have gained valuable insights and knowledge about career opportunities in high performance computing, as well as access to useful resources to progress in their careers. This event offers an excellent opportunity for students to connect with HPC experts, build their network, and gain a better understanding of their career paths in high performance computing.

participating Mentors

Meet the members from the HPC community who will be available to provide guidance during this event.

How to Participate

This event has reached capacity and sign-ups have closed.


Contact us if you have questions about the Speed Mentoring Event. We’d be happy to help.

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