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Student Volunteers

Student volunteers play a key role in supporting conference attendees and the conference overall. Undergraduate and graduate students help with the administration of the conference and have the opportunity to participate in the Students@SC program, explore the Exhibits, attend technical presentations, and develop lasting professional connections. The Student Volunteers program accepts a large number of students, both domestic and international, with the goal of welcoming new members into the HPC community.


Student Volunteers Chair
Bill Chen, Meta, University of Kentucky

student volunteers

Apply to be a student volunteer at SC and supercharge your professional development.

Student Volunteer Applications

MAR 1, 2023

Applications Open

JUN 15, 2023

Applications Close

roles available

What is a Student Volunteer?

Student volunteers perform a wide range of tasks for the SC Conference such as providing support for presenters, working the Information Booths, and staffing conference activities. Student volunteers work 15–20 hours during the conference, allowing plenty of time to engage in important educational and career-advancing activities such as tutorials, technical talks, panels, poster sessions, and workshops.

What is a SCinet Student Volunteer?

If you are interested in high performance networks and are available the week prior to the conference in addition to the week of SC, consider applying as a SCinet student volunteer.

Approximately 20 students are selected to work with various SCinet teams, including fiber, network security, routing, and communications, to build and operate SCinet. These students work directly alongside professionals from educational institutions, HPC centers, network equipment vendors, national laboratories, research institutions, research networks, and telecommunications carriers. These students arrive at the convention center one week prior to the conference to set up the network, and stay a day after the conference ends to perform teardown tasks.

What is a Lead Student Volunteer?

Former SC student volunteers interested in deeper involvement in running the conference with more responsibility and greater access while learning how to organize events are encouraged to apply for a role within the Lead Student Volunteers program.



Student volunteers are given specific tasks and take on a variety of roles at the conference. Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking and reporting session attendance
  • Distributing print materials
  • Assisting speakers by passing microphones for Q&A and requesting help with A/V issues
  • Supporting the Information Booths
  • Directing traffic during large events
  • Office support for the SC Committee
  • Students pay a reduced conference registration fee of $150.
  • International students are responsible for producing their own visa to come to the U.S. for the conference.
  • Students are responsible for travel to and from the conference, unless they are awarded a travel grant (must be applied for separately).


You must be 18 years old on the date you arrive at the conference.

student status

To be a student volunteer in the Students@SC program, you must be enrolled as a student at the time of the conference. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are all eligible. Students of all majors are welcome, and students in non-computing majors are particularly encouraged to apply.


Regular student volunteers must arrive at the convention center in time to attend orientation and jacket pick-up at 3 pm on Saturday, November 11. Plan to allow yourself ample time to check into your hotel room or drop off your bags upon arrival in the city before heading to the convention center.

Student volunteers are expected to attend during the dates listed below. There are some volunteer shifts on Friday morning; please do not expect to leave early. Hotel costs will be covered for the dates below.

  • Student Volunteers: Traveling from within North America – check in on Saturday, November 11 and check out on Friday, November 17, 2023.
  • SCinet Student Volunteers: Traveling from within North America – check in on Sunday, November 5 and check out on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

other sc commitment

To ensure that applicants will have the time required to fully participate in the program and the conference at large, all applicants may not have other commitments at SC (such as working at your university’s booth or other programs) that exceed 10 hours during the duration of the conference.

dress code

Student volunteers are expected to dress appropriately for the conference. Dress in clean, business casual or casual clothing while performing volunteer duties – lightweight, comfortable clothes and shoes (appropriate T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses). Many conference attendees dress casually during the conference and during most events; business attire is not expected or required. Please make sure all clothes provide coverage appropriate for a professional event.

The Students@SC program includes a Job Fair and two evening events: the Grand Opening Gala Reception and the Technical Program Reception. Students may choose to bring more formal attire for these events.

Please remember that this is a professional conference. If you are not sure if something is appropriate or could be considered offensive, please ask.

code of conduct

Students are required to follow the SC Code of Conduct at all times.

application components


  • Background Information
  • Conference Motivation Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation (from a professor, advisor, or other department personnel)


  • Lead Student Volunteer Program Motivation and Experience
  • SCinet Student Volunteer Motivation and Experience
  • Travel Support Request

conference expenses

Covered by SC

  • Housing – all student volunteers are provided with a hotel room
  • Student Volunteer jacket

Not Covered by SC

  • Per diem
  • Conference registration – all student volunteers pay a discounted registration fee of $150
  • Travel (except students that apply and are selected to receive travel support or a SIGHPC Travel Grant)


Overall, students are responsible for their own meals during the conference. Several events during the conference do provide food including the Grand Opening Gala Reception and the Technical Program Reception. Vendor events and booths occasionally provide food.

Students have access to conference coffee and snack breaks, which take place halfway through the morning and afternoon sessions. Breakfast is provided for SCinet student volunteers; all other student volunteers provide their own breakfast.

travel support

SC Provided Travel Funding

SC provides travel support to a limited number of accepted student volunteers. Applicants for the Student Volunteers program may include a request for travel support from within their application. Travel support is only available to accepted student volunteers. The Student Travel Funding Commitment Form must be submitted by your advisor or department member by the application deadline. Students who receive funding at this stage must make their travel arrangements through the SC travel agency.

External Travel Funding

Depending on your school, there may be a variety of places to request funding for travel related to your studies. Many schools do not publicize the availability of these funds, so you’ll need to ask. Prepare your ideas in advance in order to make a favorable impression.

Your Advisor

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, you likely have an advisor. This person may or may not be able to directly support your travel to SC; but even if they can’t help you directly, they may give you some good ideas about who can!

Your Department Head

Most departments set aside money specifically for student travel. If you tell them you’ve applied to the Student Volunteers program at SC and explain what you expect to gain from this experience, they may support you.

Your Dean

The dean’s office also typically has discretionary funds for student travel. Don’t be shy – deans love to see students, especially those who are active in their research communities. You will make their day by going to see them!

Student Associations or Other Student Groups

These organizations may have funds available to students for conference travel. Keep in mind that these organizations sometimes only meet monthly, so contact them early to get information on procedures and timeframes for requesting funds.

Vice President or Chancellor for Research

Call this office and explain that you’re a student seeking conference travel funds. You will be directed to the right person to talk to in the office.

College Research Dean and College Education Dean

Call the office main number and explain that you’re a student seeking conference travel funds. You will likely be directed to the right person to talk to in the office. You may need to schedule an appointment to see the dean. If this is the case, have a short speech prepared so you can make your case succinctly and effectively. These people are busy!

Graduate School

Just because you’re an undergrad doesn’t mean you can’t request funds from the grad school. You may be a future grad student! The grad school does have funds to support student activities such as conference travel. Call the main office number to determine who you should speak with about your request.

ACM Student Research Competition

Students who have posters accepted to the ACM Student Research Competition can be reimbursed for partial expenses after the conference with the proper documentation.

SIGHPC Travel Grants

SIGHPC offers travel grants to help undergraduate and graduate students attend the SC Conference. These grants are reimbursed after the conference.

Who’s eligible: Students at the undergraduate or early graduate levels, enrolled in an accredited university in any country, who are members of SIGHPC. Applicants are expected to explain why they will benefit from attending the conference.

View SIGHPC Travel Grants

ACM-W Scholarships

ACM-W provides support for undergraduate and graduate student women in computer science and related programs to attend research conferences. This exposure to the computer science research world can encourage a student to continue on to the next level. The student is not required to be a presenter at the conference or a member of ACM. These scholarships are reimbursed after the conference.

View ACM-W Scholarships

Applications Closed

Create an account in the online submission system and complete the form. A sample form can be viewed before signing in.

If you have questions about Student Volunteer applications, please contact the program committee.

SC attendees

Lead Student volunteers

Former student volunteers are encouraged to elevate their SC volunteer experience and apply to become a lead student volunteer.

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