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Doctoral Showcase

  • Charged Particle Track Reconstruction Algorithms for Massively Parallel Systems Stephen Nicholas Swatman (University of Amsterdam, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN))
  • Corralling the Computing Continuum: Mobilizing Modern Distributed Resources for Machine Learning and Accessible Computing Matt Baughman (University of Chicago)
  • Design Automation Tools and Software for Quantum Computing Lukas Burgholzer (Technical University of Munich)
  • Enabling Reproducibility and Scalability of Scientific Workflows in HPC and Cloud Paula Olaya (University of Tennessee)
  • High Performance Computing for Optimization of Radiation Therapy Treatment Plans Felix Liu (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Raysearch Laboratories)
  • High Performance Serverless for HPC and Clouds Marcin Copik (ETH Z├╝rich)
  • I/O Efficient Machine Learning Meghana Madhyastha (John Hopkins University, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))
  • Interactive In-Situ Visualization of Large Distributed Volume Data Aryaman Gupta (Technical University Dresden, Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD))
  • Modernizing Simulation Software for the Exascale Era Nigel P. Tan (University of Tennessee)
  • Overcoming the Gap between Compute and Memory Bandwidth in Modern GPUs Lingqi Zhang (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Preemptive Intrusion Detection: Real-World Measurements, Bayesian-Based Detection, and AI-Driven Countermeasures Phuong Cao (University of Illinois)
  • Scaling HPC Applications through Predictable and Reliable Data Reduction Methods Sian Jin (Indiana University, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))

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