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High-Performance PMEM-Aware Collective I/Os

Authors: Keegan Sanchez and Alex Gavin (Washington State University, Vancouver); Suren Byna (Ohio State University); Kesheng Wu (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)); and Xuechen Zhang (Washington State University, Vancouver)

Abstract: Collective I/Os are widely used to transform small non-contiguous accesses into large contiguous accesses for parallel I/O optimization. The existing collective I/O techniques assume that computer memory is volatile. They are limited both by the size of the buffer, which must be small so data is not lost during a crash, and the communication overhead that occurs during collective I/O. PMIO is a proposed framework to utilize persistent memory (PMEM) for collective I/O, as opposed to DRAM. First, we utilize a log-structured buffer to take advantage of the non-volatility of PMEM. Second, we utilize larger buffers to take advantage of the larger space available on less expensive PMEM. Finally, we implement a two-phase merging algorithm to eliminate the communication overhead. The poster provides an overview of collective I/O and its problems, an introduction to PMEM, an outline of PMIO, and a brief discussion of PMIO's performance.

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