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Network Research Exhibition

SC is a test bed for cutting-edge developments in high-performance networking, computing, storage, and analysis. Network Research Exhibition (NRE) demonstrations leverage the advanced capabilities of SCinet, the conference’s dedicated high-capacity network.

A selection of NRE participants are invited to share their results from the preceding SC as part of this year’s INDIS Workshop.

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Titles, abstracts, and booth locations are available.


Network Research Exhibition Co-Chair
Debbie Fligor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Network Research Exhibition Co-Chair
Brenna Meade, International Networking at Indiana University

Network Research Exhibition Deputy Chair
Andrew Lee, Network Architect, Global NOC/N-WAVE, Indiana University

Network Research Exhibition submissions open March 21, 2023.

NRE Submissions

JUN 2, 2023

Preliminary Network Resource Requests Due

JUN 2, 2023

Preliminary Abstracts

AUG 4, 2023

Network Requirements

OCT 23, 2023

Final Publishable Submissions Due

JAN 26, 2024

Research Results and Finding Due

How to submit

What is the nre?

Network researchers and professionals from government, education, research, and industry are invited to submit proposals for demonstrations and experiments at the SC Conference that display innovation in emerging network hardware, protocols, and advanced network-intensive scientific applications.


Topics for NRE demos may be directly related to networking research in areas that include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Software-defined networking
  • Novel network architecture
  • Switching and routing
  • Alternative data transfer protocols
  • Network monitoring, management, and control
  • Network security, encryption, and resilience
  • Open clouds and storage area networks
  • Automation and AI tools
  • Real-time data applications

Proposals may also be submitted related to areas of research that are not directly related to networking, but rely heavily on high performance networks and/or high performance computing to facilitate the research.


Review the five stages of submission (below), including all associated deadlines.

Stage 1: Preliminary Network Resource Request

DUE JUN 2, 2023

Provide critical early input to the SCinet WAN Team in terms of network resource requests. Significant lead times are required to work with service providers and equipment vendors to plan, build, and validate WAN circuits. Early input is key to ensuring that the network can meet the needs of NRE applicants.

Submit your request using the supplied form.

STAGE 2: Preliminary Abstract

Due Jun 2, 2023

One-page document outlining the high-level goals and activities related to the proposal. Only a single experiment should be included. Additional experiments should be outlined in separate documents. Include as many details as possible on sources and network needs.

Please use this Google Doc template, save as PDF when complete, and submit to the NRE Dropbox below.

Stage 3: Network Requirements

Due AuG 4, 2023

Final document outlining the network requirements for the planned exhibition, including sources (city, state, country of origin), bandwidth needs, VLAN requirements, and destination booth drops. Note that network resource requests that differ significantly from those outlined in the Preliminary Network Resource Request and/or resources section of the Preliminary Abstract may not be able to be fulfilled.

Please submit to the NRE Dropbox below.

Any relevant submission style will be accepted.

STage 4: Final Publishable Submission

Due OCT 23, 2023

Two- to three-page submission with all relevant details of the activities, drawings, and other research details. This document will be published on the SCinet NRE webpage.

Please submit to the NRE Dropbox below.

Any relevant submission style will be accepted.

Stage 5: Research Results & Findings

Due Jan 26, 2024

Submission of findings and results of the demonstrations. These will be collected and provided to the INDIS workshop team for inclusion in the workshop for the following year. The handoff to INDIS will include the final publishable submission as well as the read-out of the demonstration(s) in terms of results.

Please submit to the NRE Dropbox below.

Submit using the same format you used for the Final Publishable Submission.

Ready to Submit?

Please submit your materials from Stage 2 through Stage 5 to the NRE Dropbox by the listed deadlines.

If you have questions about NRE submissions, please contact the program committee.

SC attendee

INDIS Workshop

A selection of NRE participants are invited to share their results from the preceding SC as part of this year’s INDIS Workshop.

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