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The IndySCC is an event sharing the goals of the SCC but with an emphasis on education and inclusion, intended for less-experienced teams. Teams compete remotely using provided hardware through an education-focused experience supported by HPC industry experts during the months leading up to the conference. A 48-hour contest the weekend prior to SC will be the culmination of the experience and knowledge gained by the teams in the preceding months.

inclusive & education-focused

IndySCC Schedule
Friday–Sunday, November 3–5, 2023

IndySCC Chair
Le Mai Weakley, Indiana University

IndySCC Applications

MAR 1, 2023

Applications Open

May 15, 2023

Applications Close

JUN 15, 2023

Notifications Sent

Teams & Process

Teams are composed of six students and an advisor. The advisor provides guidance and recommendations, and the students provide the skill and enthusiasm. Teams that are not selected for SCC will be considered for an invitation to IndySCC. Teams new to the cluster competition world are encouraged to submit an application to the SCC. Experience gained from competing in IndySCC can be leveraged to return with a stronger team the following year having expanded institutional knowledge and strengthened vendor relationships.

Selected teams are invited to participate in a remote phased-style competition from July to November:

  • Phase 1: July – Familiarizing with the provided resources and learning about architecture
  • Phase 2: August – Benchmarks on different architectures and compilers
  • Phase 3: September & October – Real-world applications and optimizing for performance
  • Phase 4: November – A 48-hour contest similar to the SCC held the weekend prior to the SCC.

Support provided

The main aim of IndySCC is to provide HPC education, and lower the entry barrier to the competition. Continuous support is provided by HPC experts in the months leading up to the competition. Webinars are recorded for the cloud vendor platform, the benchmarks, and the two applications. At the end of each phase, teams will turn-in a report and will receive feedback from experts.


This is the third year for the IndySCC. See the IndySCC pages on the past SC websites for information on the first year’s competition, including team profiles, photos, winners, and more.

IndySCC Mystery Application

IndySCC is looking for scientific applications from the HPC community that could be used as the IndySCC Mystery Application. If you have a scientific application that you think would be a great fit for the competition, please consider submitting.

The application should not have export control restrictions and must have up-to-date documentation. Submissions and selections must be kept confidential until the beginning of the SCC when the mystery application selected will be revealed.

Each submission must list an application owner who will:

  • be responsible for answering questions from the IndySCC teams.
  • prepare test and input decks for the competition.
  • be available to serve as judge during SC23.

Applications Open March 1–May 31, 2023

Ready to Apply?

Create an account in the online submission system and complete the form. A sample form can be viewed before signing in.

If you have questions about IndySCC applications, please contact the program committee.


During the Student Cluster Competition, teams of undergraduate students build, operate, and tune powerful cluster computers.

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