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SC23 Concludes Women’s History Month with a Vibrant Profile Compilation

We are thrilled to conclude Women’s History Month with a collection of every profile gathered – over 40 in all – of the women who are leading the movement towards greater equity in HPC.  

From those whose careers have just begun to seasoned veterans, we enjoyed showcasing the many different paths and roles these leaders have taken in supercomputing, and hope that they have uplifted and inspired you along the way.

Four pieces profiling nine women were published here on our blog, with the remainder across our social media platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. To make sure you didn’t miss a single one, check out the full list below and be sure to read all of their stories. 

Thank you to our women in HPC and to those of you who nominated them! A list of all the people involved on this project can be found after the profiles!

Celebrating Women in HPC

Annie Ma-Weaver

Amanda Hassenplug

Michelle Spencer

Laura Morgenstern

Clare Jenner

Carole A. Morrison

Rasha Karakchi

Summer Wasson

Nidhi Chappell

Maria Patelkou

Valeria Losasso

Sarah Anne Harris

Melyssa Fratkin

Cristina Beldica

Melissa Kozul

Andrea Townsend-Nicholson

Sarah Rodenbeck

Susmita Sett

Anjana Kar

Sony Malhotra

Ruth Marinshaw

Rosalia Gomez

Agnes Noy

Emily Kahl

Sheri Voelz Michelson

Claudia Lagios

Vanessa Moss

Jannetta Steyn

Lydia Heck

Sarah Beecroft

Elisabetta Boella

Kanchan Mehrotra

Parwinder Kaur

Tania Malik

Lisa Arafune

Garima Kochhar

Kakali Sen

Teresa Schofield

Christine Cuicchi

Iva Kavčič


Cristin Merritt

To bring Women’s History Month profile series to life required more than a dozen volunteers and over 90 hours of work in writing, editing, and publishing time. This project was led by SC23 Communications Team Member Cristin Merritt. Special thanks goes out to additional SC23 Communication Team Members Christine Baissac-Hayden, Todd Szymanski, Waleed Atallah, and Charity Plata; Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) volunteers Marion Weinzierl, Marion O’Sullivan, Aditi Subramanya, AJ Lauer, Adam Huttner-Koros, Melyssa Fratkin, Matt Probert, Rachel Pruitt, Georgina Ellis, Robin Scibek, and Katy Gunderson; and to Cristin’s local team in the UK Wil Mayers, Stuart Franks, and Daniel Shaw.

We are deeply grateful to the HPC Community for being so supportive of this project and these women, whose work is a vital part of our field. Thank you for reading every story!

Enjoy the Series

Be sure to read our four Women’s History Month blogs profiling nine women in HPC at the tag below.

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