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SC23 Workshops Co-Chair Dejan Milojicic Keeps the HPC Connections Growing

A self-professed “catalyst of change and a technical leader in systems software,” Dejan Milojicic is also this year’s SC23 Workshops Co-Chair (with Alfredo Goldman of São Paulo University’s Institute of Mathematics and Statistics). More importantly, Milojicic, is on a mission. He wants to extend the relevance of HPC and its many subfields by reaching and connecting with a diverse, global population.

Throughout his own career, Milojicic, currently a distinguished technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, has done just that. He has managed multidisciplinary teams across the globe, including India, Brazil, Singapore, China, and the United States with many composed of a mix of industry, academia, and government researchers. He also was technical director of the OpenCirrus Cloud Computing Testbed with 16 academic and industrial sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has served on various conference committees and journal editorial boards and has a longtime connection to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In fact, as IEEE’s past Chair of Industry Engagement, Milojicic put his global ties to work, organizing board outreaches to Israel, Silicon Valley, China, Japan, and Germany.

Record-Tying Submissions

This year, Milojicic focused this need to extend HPC connections on growing and diversifying the SC23 co-hosted workshops—those “conferences within THE conference”—with notable results: SC23 Workshops tied a record for most submissions ever (52 ultimately were selected). Here, Milojicic offers some quick insights into why he can readily say, “I AM HPC.”

Dejan Milojicic

Hewlett Packard Labs / SC23 Workshops Co-Chair

Q: What single event most made you realize you wanted a career in HPC/computing?

Milojicic: My BSc [Bachelor of Science] diploma thesis, working on hybrid (analog-digital) computers back in 1982.

Q: What do you consider your biggest contribution to the HPC/computing community?

Milojicic: Starting HPC in cloud more than 12 years ago.

Q: In the past 35 years, what is the most significant overlooked breakthrough that has impacted the field in your eyes?

Milojicic: Artificial intelligence.

Q: What would you like to see change about, within, or among the HPC/computing community?

Milojicic: More cross-organizational collaboration.

Q: Can you share any “words of wisdom” for those navigating the state of HPC today?

Milojicic: Talk to me if you are interested in delivering fine-grained HPCaaS [high-performance computing as a service]: Heterogeneous Serverless Computing.

Accepted Workshops

Be sure to check out all the SC23 accepted workshops now available in the SC Schedule.

If you have questions about Workshops, please contact the program committee.

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