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Students Getting Their Feet Wet with HPC Immersion

hpc immersion

The HPC Immersion program is designed to give undergraduate students a better understanding of the career options in the computational sciences that await them when they graduate. These young faces may not have much HPC experience yet, but with enough hard work and dedication, they will one day be the leaders of their fields. 

To help get them there, HPC Immersion guides students through the SC Technical Program and helps them engage with the community through panels, hands-on learning sessions, mentoring, and workshops. Under Lisa Perez, this year’s HPC Immersion Chair, the program hopes to inspire and educate the next crop of HPC professionals. 

Below is a list of this year’s participants as well as some introductory information about them.

Meet This Year’s Students

madison Lopez

California Polytechnic State University (Computer Science, Graphics)

I am looking forward to the panels and workshops available to students to learn more about HPC.

Hobbies: Art, manga, video games, game developing, modding

Favorite Ice Cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge

Hojahnea Hodges

Bluefield State University, Bluefield, West Virginia (Computer Science)

I am looking forward to seeing the architecture and landmarks that Denver has to offer. I also saw that there is also the Denver Zoo, it would be a dream to visit there.

Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, learning architecture and history, photography, ssurfing the web

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream

Ashley Adams

Bluefield State University (Major: Computer Science, Minor: Cybersecurity)

I am looking forward to a fun time! I love that this an opportunity to network with and learn from experts in the field, as well as from my peers.

Hobbies: Listening to new music, nature photography and videography

Favorite Ice Cream: Cheesecake or Chocolate Chip

Md Toki Tahmid

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Computer Science and Engineering)

I am looking forward to my first time outside the country, meeting people from different cultures, and if possible, a calm walk around the city.

Hobbies: Singing and watching cricket

Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

Olivia Heng

Brown University (Computer Engineering)

I am excited to network and meet like-minded individuals and am especially looking forward to participating in HPC Immersion, where I’ll interact with similarly passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds and have experiences that will expand my perspectives of both HPC and how I can contribute to the HPC community.

Hobbies: Hakathons, trying new foods, and roller coasters

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

Yimin Wang

Wake Forest (Computer Science and Statistics)

Hobbies: Basketball

Favorite Ice Cream: Oreo

Valery Hoyos

Politecnico Grancolombiano (Software Engineering)

I look forward to seeing the Rocky Mountain National Park and Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Hobbies: Painting, exploring nature, and playing sports

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream

Oliver Higginbotham

Mississippi State University (Computer Engineering)

I am looking forward to seeing local parks and museums.

Hobbies: Working on personal servers and computers, playing tuba, tinkering

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream

Namita Shah

Arizona State University (Computer Science)

I can’t wait to explore Denver with my fellow participants, the people and the beautiful city itself. Denver is the hub of historical landmarks and gorgeous views!

Hobbies: Playing piano, singing Indian classical music, hiking, and hanging with friends

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Basit Hussain

BRAC University Dhaka Bangladesh (Computer Science)

I’m excited to participate in panels, hands-on learning sessions, mentoring, workshops, and gaining valuable insights as I explore potential career options. It’s great to see initiatives like this that help me gain practical knowledge and exposure early on in my academic journey.

Hobbies: Reading, coding, traveling, hiking, camping, swimming, and dancing

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Megan Hendrickson

Tennessee Tech University (Major: Computer Science, Minor: Mathematics)

I have been to Colorado before and loved it, so I’m just excited to be going back!

Hobbies: Cooking, crocheting, working out, and collecting records

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough

Autumn Nguyen

Mount Holyoke College (Computer Science, Math, Philosophy, Environmental Economics)

I want to visit Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Botanic Garden, and Colorado State Capitol. I also find outdoor activities in and around Denver exciting, like zip lining, rafting on the Clear Creek, or just simply hiking in some beautiful natural sites with other people in the program.

Hobbies: Writing journals, watching documentaries, and looking at the night sky

Favorite Ice Cream: Any vegan ice cream with nuts

Adebowale Adelekan

Indiana University Bloomington (Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics)

I am looking forward to big, fast, computers and the people/companies that make big, fast computers.

Hobbies: Basketball, cooking, building/upgrading computers

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Angelica Lucia Vasquez Gudiel

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Electrical Engineering)

I am looking forward to immersing myself in the program and meet professionals who share the same interests as me.

Hobbies: Watching movies and series, going out with friends, and spending time with family

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Brinkli Abbitt

Oklahoma State University (Chemical Engineering)

I am looking forward to the mountains.

Hobbies: Art and research

Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Abby Kapocius

UNC Charlotte (Major: Computer Science, Minor: English)

I am looking forward to the downtown area! I would love to see the plains and the mountains as well.

Hobbies: Programming, computers, motorcycles, video games, and gardening

Favorite Ice Cream: Vegan Vanilla Bean

Sukai Fanneh Hydara

Everett Community College (Computer Science)

As a first-time visitor, I’m really excited to finally see the city of Denver! I love museums so I look forward to seeing the Denver Art Museum, or the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Hobbies: Listening to music, writing poetry, spending quality time with family

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream or Talenti Alphonso Mango

Zachary Watson

Tarleton State University (Computer Science)

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